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NES Emulator APK Description

NES Emulator is, as its name clearly states, an emulator of the old 8-bit Nintendo console.
Apart from the emulator itself, this app includes no less than 64 different games, just like the typical 64-in-1 cartridges so common in the early nineties.

Among the 64 games included in the NES emulator you'll find authentic classics from the history of gaming like Super Mario Bros, Lode Runner, Tetris, Bomber Man, و 1942.
Some of the most popular games, just like on the old cartridges, come with another name and some slight modifications.

Games aside, this NES Emulator comes with some very interesting options.

The most important is the one to save the game, which is quite useful on portable devices as it lets you pause and then continue your game at any time.

NES Emulator is a very simple and powerful emulator that, in spite of taking up very little space (barely 2.5 MB) comes with many hours of gameplay.
Most of the included games may prove a bit too old for many players but the veterans among us will surely appreciate a good round of Lode Runner..


NES Emulator APK is published by BEZERRA ALEX SIL at 2014-03-18. الإصدار الأخير هو 2.5 and work on 1.5 و اعلى. تقييمه 5.0/5 بواسطة 2.

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