Best Free Android Antivirus 2017 | Most Popular Android Antivirus


Todays Android threat is growing, many sick-programmers are developing malicious software targeting this most installed OS on smartphone. The most important reasons for you to install antivirus is to keep your data safe and secure your personal information. If you haven’t installed them yet, it’s time to change your mind.

Most problems for Android antiviruses are due its impact of performance for the device. Some apps are draining your cpu, memory and your battery, even some of them are bugging your activities with many intrusive pop up ads.

Here we come with the best lighweight android antivirus reviewed for you

#1. CM Security AppLock Antivirus

CM security coded by the same famous app Clean Master developer; it has numerous features that make this app one of the best antivirus/anti malware.

CM Security

Its lighweight and RAM friendly. User won’t feel the difference when this app runs on the background doing its job protecting your android. When running on background it’s only uses about 6-8 MB RAM and 14 MB when excecuting full system scans. CM Security offers best protection, run well even with few resources.

Full system scan is the basic function of CM security. System scan can be manually set or scheduled scan, daily, weekly or monthly. Two systems scan available, fast scan and deep scan. CM Security not only scans your apps, it also scans your SD card for malicious software or malware on your android.

More of features available like, blocking unwanted calls to protect you from spamer, app locker to protect app, and build in security advisor keep you alert by giving tips how to secure your phone.

CM database updated periodically to recognize new virus or malware. It is essential service that every security app must have. Ability to detect and kill virus as fast as possible before it spreads.

CM Security is free; no caches to server, no unwanted intrusion ads pop up, hope the developer keep it that way.

#2. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

360 Security

One of the most popular and almost five-stared antivirus app on the market with many benefiting features. Installed by more than 100 million users, trusted to proctect their android from malicious programs.

360 Security scans your android device including files, apps, and games. Real-time protection comes in handy way without many pop up notifications, can be pre-set up what decision to make if viruses were found.

In addition, this app offers anti-theft feature and app locker, allow you to password-protected any app in you android from unwanted people. You can have those excellent features free of cost.

#3. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security

Developed by the famous Avast Software with years of experience on handling virus and secure your PC/laptop, now comes up with mobile version protection. Although Avast mobile has heavier app performance, its tons of excellent features make up for it.

Basic device scanning including apps, real-time scanning service, periodically database updating, anti theft feature and remote lock feature are wrapped in interesting and convenient user interface menus.

Those free version features are offered for you, more if you go for pro version. You will get app locker, ads detection, remote sms and remote data recovery.

#.4 TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile security


TrustGo offers you packs of excellent features securing your android. Main function as antivirus scans your device to keep you from malicious threats. Once installed, TrustGo scans not only your device, SD card but also your apps and new file that you have been just downloaded. With auto-updates turned on, you will able get the latest database protection service. Keep you away from virus, spammer and scammer.

With TrustGo you will get safer browsing experience. It tells you whether your current website visit contain  malicious or phising scheme with instant notification.

TrustGo keeps control over your apps and keep them secure by analyzing which one is trying to get your personal information. It provides you detailed information about your apps, including what acces are granted for them.

Secure Apps Search enable you to get information about what apps you may need and make sure they are free from malware and viruses.

Tons of amazing features are delivered for you for free to keep your Android secure and safe.

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