Manuell Permanent löschen Ihr Android Daten

Manual shredding

Regelmäßige Löschen oder Fabrik Ihr Android Zurücksetzen wurde unwirksam dauerhaft löschen Sie Ihre Daten. They are able to be recovered just simply using data recovery app.

Some methods have to do along factory reset for better securing; encrypting, factory resetting, and layering. If you chose to do it manually here steps to do:

Schritt 1. Encrypting

Encrypting your android data before you resetting to factory default is the way to do it. This method will keep your data unreadable in case some files are not fully wiped and able to be recovered. Encrypting will scramble your data and you need a key to unsramble it. This encrypting feature may located in different menus for some other android device, here is mine:


Make sure your battery charged more than 80{c54cedd34e66abc0dc044ca00bd56bf3efcbaa027824eb471f66a7b5475cd9a9} to do encryption, to avoid incompleted encryption due out of battery. It may take hours depending on your storage capacity.

Schritt 2. Factory Reset

Go to SettingBackup and resetFactory data reset


Schritt 3. Layering

For better secure, we need to add layer for your storage with other dummy data. This way older data will be overwrited with new data. To do this copy and fill your storage with any dummy data, it may your movies or other fake videos or photos.

Schritt 4. Do other factory reset (wahlweise)

One more factory resseting wont hurt you.

That’s how manually permanent delete your android data. Such methods also work for other storage as well, your external storage or hard drive; just do formatting instead of factory reset.

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