Übertragen großer Dateien über Wi-Fi von Android an andere Geräte (Android-Ios-Pc) Mit nur Browser


Es ist leicht zu drahtlos Dateien zwischen den Geräten zu übertragen, indem dem gleichen unterstützten App Transfers Installation, then how if the other device has no such app? Or maybe the user doesn’t want to install it.

This is the case; you need to wirelessly transfer large files from your Android to your friend’s phone but he doesn’t have the same app transfer that you are currently using. Keine Sorge; there is a way to get this thing around. Turn your android into FTP server, and your friend can access your storage by only using their built in browser.

One of many excellent Es Explorer features is turn your android into FTP server. This way, other devices such as other Android, IOS, PC or Mac are able to access your files and copy it through their built in browser. Here is how to do it;

See this page if you want to know other features: ES Datei Explorer Datei-Manager für Android | Die besten Android-Datei Explorer App

What you need for your android is:

  1. Herunterladen and install Es Explorer from Play Store on your Android Phone.
  1. Turn on your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and ask your friend to connect to your network or vise versa. This can be skipped if you both are already on the same network LAN.

Let’s get started;

Schritt 1. Open your Es Explorer – Network – Remote Manager


Schritt 2. Turn your FTP service ON


Schritt 3. You can see the FTP IP address and port, ask your friend to Input this address into his built in browser

Ask your friend to enter the address on their built in phone browser

Schritt 4. Browse the file to copy and download it, here the look from other Android Google Chrome browser;

Accessing storage via FTP from android google chrome
File transfer progress (it was done in few secs, but forgot to capture so i recaptured again)

Hinweis: Seems Es Explorer rename it automatically when file transfer is done, doesn’t matter though

Here the look from PC/Laptop Windows Explorer; dont forget to writeftp://” on the address

pc-look-ftpUsing this useful features from Es Explorer you can send large files from your android to your friend’s Android, IOS, Mac, PC/Laptop just using their browser. You will get around 5MB/s speed which is enough to transfer large files in few secs. If you find this info usefull, pls share it.

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