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UC-Browser – Fast Download APK free download!!

UC-Browser – Fast Download APK Description

✔ Online videos without waiting.
Movies and TV shows in Speed mode.
✔ Fast and stable downloads,thanks to our powerful servers.
✔ Expanding AdBlock,adapted to main websites and blocks most ads.Main Features
★ Fast and stable navigation
★ Fast mode
★ ADBlock
★ Facebook mode
★ Smart downloads
★ Video for all tastes
★ Steuer Videos mit Gestures
★ Night Mode★Fast and stable navigation
No more freezes.
Enjoy the smoothest surfing.

★Fast Mode
UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and saves precious MBs of your internet package.
With helps from our users, UC Browser adBlock will block out most annoying Ads on Main sites.
★Facebook Mode
This unique feature speeds up Facebook.

No matter the speed of your internet, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
★Smart Downloading
Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads.
In Ergänzung, if any dropped connections UC Browser continues downloading from the breakpoint.
★Videos for all tastes
UC Browser will display any movie and TV series! The menu has categories with videos for all tastes: the humor, the clips, Mädchen, anime, trailers and even war films.
★Control Videos with Gestures
Volumen, Helligkeit, progress, etc.
can all be controlled by gestures in UC Browser.
★Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night..About UCWeb
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCBrowser
zwitschern: https://twitter.com/UCBrowser
tumblr: http://blog.ucweb.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo.


UC-Browser – Fast Download APK is published by UCWeb Inc. im November 30, 2016. Die neueste Version ist und die Arbeit an Android 4.0.1+. Bewertet 5/5 durch 12093732 Stimmen.

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