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In case you need to sell your android smartphone to your friend or on E-bay, remember, its important to completely erase your essenssial personal photos, movies and document on your storage. Avoiding missused your personal data is a must in this internet era, where everyone can access worldwide information in a matter of second. Don’t let someone blackmail you using your old nude photos and send it to your fiance on the day before your wedding :D.

Unfortunatelly, erasing your data from storage is not as easy as you may think. Traditional methods deleting, formating, flashing will not completely remove your data, instead they just make it hidden and inaccessible. By using data recovery tools they are able to be recovered.

One of biggest mobile security, Avast Software, suggested that resetting your phone to factory default is not enough to permanently delete your data. In their experiment, they bought 20 android smartphones on E-bay and succeded to recover 40,000 photos, 750 emails and text messages, and 250 contacts.

Then how to do it? an easiest way to permanently delete your data is installing app shredder. There are some free apps offer their features to permanently delete your android data such as Andro Shredder.

Install Andro Shredder from Android market

Andro Shredder
Andro Shredder

I tested Andro Shredder on my phone and all the data was erased securely. I tried some data recovery apps, none of them able to recover it.

Among many apps shredder, Andro Shredder I found the only one provide information regarding the cleaning algorithm it uses. It says you can choose out of a variety of standard cleaning algorithms, like U.S DoD 5220.22-M, British HMG IS5 (Enhanced), Russian GOST P50739-95, German VSITR or just do a quick shred, which should be enough for most SSD based storage devices and USB flash drives.

+ Can act as a share target, send files to AndroShredder e.g. from your camera or file manager app
+ Select multiple files and directories to shred
+ Search for pictures, videos or other file types
+ Can preview pictures, videos or any other file before deletion
+ Cleans nested folders and their content
+ Save selections for later re-use
+ U.S DoD 5220.22-M, British HMG IS5 (Enhanced), Russian GOST P50739-95, German VSITR and quick shred algorithms
+ Clean (wipe) free space on any writable storage device (SSD cards, Hard Disks, USB flash drives etc.)
+ Wipe SMS storage database
+ Wipe FAT32 devices > 4GB
+ Tested against various recovery tools
+ Optional password protection

While using app shredder is the easiest way to permanently erase your data, there are other steps you can take to securing your personal data along with performing a factory reset. See Manually Permanent Delete Your Android Data

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