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ALSong – Reproductor de música & Letras APK descarga gratuita!!

ALSong – Reproductor de música & Letras APK Descripción

[Visión de conjunto]
ALSong es un reproductor de música gratuito que muestra la letra de la reproducción de música.
letras de canciones gratis que se suben por los usuarios se muestran junto con la música.
No sólo los archivos de música locales como MP3 y FLAC, you can login to the Bugs Music then listen to the streaming music or download music files to play it.* ALSong Android TV Version *
Listen to your music in Google Drive on your Android TV using the newly added Cloud Music function with ALSong synchronized lyrics.[Caracteristicas]
Free Live Lyrics
ALSong Music Player automatically finds the lyrics of the music file playing (such as MP3) then show it along with the music.
The lyrics are cashed so data connection is not needed to see the lyrics the next time the same song is played.
Display Auto Tagged Lyrics
If ALSong cannot show the lyrics in server or IRC lyrics, ALSong automatically displays the song’s lyrics tag if it exists in the music file.
Only works when Auto Tag Lyrics is ON in Preferences.
Add your favorite songs to ALSong Playlist.
You can create more than one playlists.
Both local files like MP3 and Bugs streaming music can be added.
Share via Twitter
You can post what song you are listening and your comment to twitter from ALSong.

Widget Supported
You can create a widget of ALSong music player on the home screen.
You can set the time for ALSong to be terminated.
The option is under Preferences.
Section Repeat
You can set a starting point and an end point then repeat the section.

Lyric Finder
If you want to search a lyric, you can search it then apply it to the music playing.
It is useful if your local MP3 file cannot find the lyric automatically.
Bugs Streaming Music
ALSong Music Player embeds Bugs Music service.
By logging in, you can listen to the online streaming music.
If you don’t have the music file in MP3, connect to this service then listen to the music!
Igualada (EQ)
– Igualada (EQ) function to customize the sound quality.11.
Android TV Support
Listen to your music in Google Drive using the Cloud Music function in Android TV.
Synchronized lyrics of ALSong Mobile can also be used in ALSong Android TV.[Preguntas más frecuentes]
Control on Notifications is too big.
You can resize it by dragging with two fingers (Supported only in Android 4.1 o mas alto)
I cannot see my music files added.
Press the “Scan Music Files” option in Preferences then the newly added music files will be added to ALSong.
The more files you have in your phone, the more time will be spent to be scanned.
Lyrics and music does not match.
Try finding a different music using the Lyric Finder.
I cannot find Random playing and Repeat All function.
Tap on the button on the bottom left of the player screen.
Each tap will change the mode to 1) repeating this song, 2) repeat every song one more time and 3) repeat every song.
Tap on the button on the right to change the mode to sequential playing and random playing.
The mode is on if the button turns blue.
[Requisitos del sistema]
Androide 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.


ALSong – Reproductor de música & Lyrics APK is published by ESTsoft Corp. en septiembre 10, 2016. La última versión es 3.8.11 y trabajar en Android 2.3+. puntuación 4/5 por 80874 votos.

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