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Professional Edition barcode scanner, more fast and accurate.
Scanning, decoding, crear, share the QR code or barcode.
Create your own QR coding: e-mail addresses, application, números de teléfono, contact information, marcadores.
Share your QR codes via social networking(WhatsApp, Facebook,Gorjeo, gmail, WeChat, Línea, E-mail, SMS) to your friends.
Open the web address or search page of the decoding results by Google.
Show you scan history.Disclaimer:
This application is based on the open source project ZXing barcode scanner.
Licencia Apache 2.0..

Licencia Apache 2.0..


Barcode Scanner Pro APK is published by Geeks.Lab.2015 at Dec 12, 2016. La última versión es 1.1.28 y trabajar en Android 4.0.3+. puntuación 5/5 por 58104 votos.

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