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dispositivo Android es lo suficientemente sofisticado; Sin embargo el mantenimiento es necesario para mantener el rendimiento óptimo. androide problema de rendimiento lento surge junto con el número de aplicaciones instaladas en el teléfono. E incluso cuando se haya decidido a desinstalarlos, algunos archivos basura residual aún persisten. Limpieza de esos archivos innecesarios que se necesita, however manually removal will be hard task for you.

What you need is a booster/cleaner app to get your android back to its original performance. Con esta aplicación, you can optimize and tweak your android in many ways. You can boost your android by cleaning your RAM, killing unneeded task, clearing cache etc.

There are many cleaner apps available in the market, and here we will present you the best free apps for this job.

#1.Maestro Limpio (Boost & AppLock)

Maestro Limpio

Clean Master is the most famous Android booster/cleaner available, installed by more than 740 million mobiles.

Tons of benefitting features are offered from this app, libre de costo;

  • Junk cleaner, accurately clearing unneeded and trash able files.
  • Battery saver, safe your battery consumption by efficiently managing power plan and kill unnecessary tasks that draining your battery.
  • Boost Memory, free up your memory for more efficient usage.
  • Notification cleaner, Turn off intrusive and annoying alert in notification toggle.
  • ventilador de la CPU, cool your processor by killing an over usage cpu apps.
  • antivirus, reliable and one of the best antivirus protection; ver Mejor antivirus gratuito para Android 2017 | Más populares de Android Antivirus
  • App lock, Enable you to password-protect any app from unwanted people.
  • Game booster; improve game speed up to 30% when playing.
  • Charge Master, analyzing charging process and estimating the remaining time needed.
  • Private Browsing, allows you to browse more secure with no off cache stored.

Those excellent features make Clean Master known as the best worldwide android optimizer.



CCleaner is well known as the most popular PC and Mac cleaning software, and now Piriform bring you CCleaner for Android. Installed by million users worldwide, CCleaner come with packs of excellent features available.

Optimize and clean your android
  • Optimize your android performance and safely cleaning your junk files.
  • Free up your storage space, uninstall multiple unwanted apps easily.
  • Clean your cache.
Simple to use
  • One click optimization
  • Simple user interface and menus
  • No disturbing ads
  • Lightweight, rápido, running on few resources of your device.
Monitoring and analyzing your system
  • Monitored CPU usage.
  • RAM and internal storage management.
  • Remaining estimated battery analyzer.
  • Device temperature.

#3. DU Speed Booster & Limpiador

DU Speed Booster

Du speed booster available for you to speed up your phone up to 60% with Free built in antivirus and many features. Optimizing your phone by combining many functionalities

  • Accurately clean your junk, clear cache and unneeded files of your system.
  • Boosting your android performance with one-tap optimization. Free up RAM and killing unneeded task.
  • Apps manager offer you capabilities to transfer app from phone to SD card.
  • Bloqueo de aplicación, lock your app by protecting them with chosen password.
  • Temperature control, keep you CPU cool by detecting an apps that cause an overheating.
  • Game Boosteer, speed up you game by 30%.
  • Network Boost, one click network boost by resetting all network interfaces.
  • Security and antivirus, built-in Security manager offer you protection against malware, viruses and other harmful files.
  • Smart and Boost charging.

With those advance methods to optimize your android, DU speed booster is qualified as one of the best in the market.

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