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Mobizen Screen Recorder APK Description

Ahora, Let's make a Good First Video!Mobizen, el mejor registrador de la pantalla elegida por los más famosos creadores de vídeo.
(Encima 930,000 vídeos han sido creados por día con Mobizen & publicado en línea)
Mobizen que permite jugar Record, vídeos de aplicaciones, Editar sus vídeos, and more to make you the best video creator around.

And It’s completely FREE!Screen Recording- Capture your best moves and moments in HD.
■ Include yourself with Facecam.
■ No root required, available for Android 4.2 y más alto.
■ Create videos in Full HD (240p ~ 1080p)
■ Flexible settings to suit any device
– Calidad: 0.5 mbps ~ 12.0 mbps
– Resolución: 240p ~ 1080p
Frames Per Second: 5fps ~ 60fps※FAQ※
① Why is my recording laggy/not appearing like it should?▶
② The sound is not recorded properly.▶
③ Why is my recording shows just lines or distorted? ▶ Video- Perfect detailing to finalize your creation.
■ Add your own BGM.
■ Keep only the best parts with TRIM.
■ Add intro, outro with your signature (coming soon).
■ Editing options
BGM, intro-outro, trim, split, extract frame.Share Video- Get your creations out there for the world to see!
■ Share the video on Youtube, GameDuck, Whatsapp, Facebook and more.
■ What is GameDuck? It is a unique gamer’s community to share and get tips on game plays and walkthrough.Community- The best place for Mobizen user to hang!
■ Give us 5 stars to make Mobizen even better.
■ YouTube:
■ Helpdesk:
■ Community: Involved- We are looking for Mobizen users to help us add new languages to our apps!
■ Arabic, francés, alemán, ruso, hindi, italiano, sueco, holandés, rumano, griego, y más!
■ Apply here: Frequently Asked Questions
■ What isBooster Mode”?
Users with device’s OS 4.2 ~ 4.4 must activate Booster Mode to record.
This is a limitation set by Google’s Android OS by not providing screen recording capabilities.
Users just need to download the Booster mode program to a PC (any PC) and connect the device via USB cable.
*Download the PC Booster mode
*Learn more:
■ Why is there so much sound in my recording?
This is a limitation set by Google’s Android OS by not providing internal sound recording capabilities.
We are working hard to find a solution to this and hopefully it will be here soon!
– Aprende más:
■ How long can I record for?
Mobizen allows recording for up to 2GB.
Find out how long you can record for on your phone:
Check recording time:
■ Why is my recording laggy/not appearing like it should?
This happens when there are too many apps running in the background or recording settings are too high.
Try setting the quality to 2.5 mbps, resolution to 480p, FPS to 30fps, and watermark to OFF.
– Aprende más: questions and user feedback, visit


Mobizen Screen Recorder APK is published by RSUPPORT Co., Limitado. en mayo 22, 2016. La última versión es y trabajar en Android 4.2+. puntuación 4/5 por 516897 votos.

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