Windows用のPsiphon | ウェブサイトのブロックを解除 | フリープロキシソフトウェアのWindows 7/8/10


Psiphonは、任意のブロックされたウェブサイトへの無制限のアクセスもを与えると言う考えが付属しています. Some of websites contents are restricted by your ISP or your school administrator, giving you less freedom surfing on the internet. Don’t worry, Psiphon comes as the right tool for you. This free app allows you to unblock any restricted website.

Here step by step instaling Psiphon on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Download Pshipon for Windows here


プラットフォーム: ウィンドウズ

価格: 自由な

ダウンロードページ or Directlink




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After completing the download, run the installer

Run Psiphon application

Start Psiphon, no installation needed

Wait for a while for connecting to server. After you are connected, it will open your default browser and you can start browsing. You can also use other browser (non default browser) without further setting needed.

Psiphon connected

Now you can access your blocked website with decent speed provided for you, 無償で.