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Holy Bible Offline APK Description

******* Updates in version 2.0 ******** A completely new, user friendly and catchy user interface.
* A new Quiz Game option with multiple levels included.
* All share options available in the device included*****************************************We are proud and happy to release the Holy Bible Offline (KJV) in android for free.
Holy Bible Application is simply designed to make it available OFFLINE complete.
Internet connection is not required to read the bible verses.
The app contains bothOld Testament” and “New Testament”.
Search option is also provided for quick reference of King James Version.

Forum has been included to have spiritual discussions.We sincerely hope that this app will rejoice you.App requires two permissions, namely
Your Location (For Ads)&
Network Communication (For Ads)Please feel free to mail us your feedback.
We are glad to accommodate to your suggestions in the App.*************** Updates in Version 1.4.3 Released on 09th Dec 2014 ****************** New payment support Version 3.0 from Google implemented.*************** Updates in Version 1.4.1 Released on 09th Dec 2014 ****************** Settings option added in the verse reading page
* Day / Night reading modes added
* Increase decrease font sizes added
* Adjust screen brightness added
* Bugs fixed.********************************************************************************************.


Holy Bible Offline APK is published by SOFTCRAFT at Mar 8, 2016. The latest version is 2.1.1 and work on Android 2.3+. Rated 4/5 by 21941 votes.

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