Melhores Aplicativos Android | Must-Have Apps Android | A maioria dos aplicativos populares do Android

Se você acabou de comprar novo tablet ou smartphone deve estar se perguntando o que os aplicativos essensial deve ser instalado primeiro. Here we have a list of reviewed must-have apps on Android.

#1. Chat Apps

One of the most important use of your phone is connecting people. Here chat apps become essensial for your android. There are many chat apps on the market. Blackberry Messenger e WhatsApp Messenger are the most popular, and next is Skype with its video call service. All those apps are installed by millions of users, livre de custos.

WhatsApp have a feature to access your account with your pc, chatting with your laptop instead of your android. Vejo Access Whatsapp Using Your Computer.

Stay connected with your friend with Blackberry Messenger. Hoje, BBM pin just as important as your phone number, its your identity. see also How to Install BBM on pc

Skype offers you to connect with your friend in excelent way of speaking face-to-face with your long distance buddies.

#2. Social Media Apps

Spreading news much faster than your online news portal, social media is one of your must-have app installed on your android. Todays, people share their daily activities or latest news and issues updates on their social media. If you want to immediately get to know what happen on the earth, get one.

Facebook still dominating social media trend this year, followed with 140 chars tweet, Twitter. Make your friend jealous by updating photo of your dinner on facebook, and Tweet them.

Snapchat is the next competitor, 10 seconds snap and the face-swapping become next trend mostly for teenagers. While Instagram and Pinterest are the alternative.

#3. Mobile Antivirus Security

ameaça de hoje Android está crescendo, many sick-programmers are developing malicious softwares targeting this most installed OS on smartphone. The most important reason for you to install antivirus is to keep your data safe and secure your personal information. Se você não instalou-los ainda, é hora de mudar sua mente.

Here the list of best Android antiviruses see Melhor Free Antivirus Android 2017 | Mais Popular antivírus Android

#4. Android Cleaner and Optimizer

App cleaner and optimizer is needed for you to clean and free up you RAM and storage. Uneeded junk files reside on your system will slow down your android performance and hinder you to bring out more of your device. Many apps are available on the market, each has its own excellent features offered for you, for more detail about these apps, see Free Best Apps to boost your Android Performance | Android Apps Optimizer | Aplicativos mais limpas Android

#5. Android File Explorer/Manager

For you who hasn’t updated to Android 6.x (Marshmallow), managing your files will be such difficult task since it doesnt have decent built in file manager. Modifying files such, copy, paste, rename can only be done easily if you have 3rd party file manager app. There are some excellent apps in the market recommended for you like Es Explorer, Solid Explorer, Amaze File Manager

see also ES File Manager File Explorer para Android | Melhor Android File Explorer App

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