Bluestacks System Requirements and Solving Graphic Card Error Problem on Windows 7/8/10


Bluestack system requirements – Before installing or downloading bluestacks you should know what requirements needed for your system. Due the significant development specification smart phone on the market, today’s android games are much more complex and significantly push the graphic card performance to its peak. Bluestacks as an android emulator itself doesn’t need high performance of your pc, the game does. Games draining your graphic and cpu much more than before. Therefore some of you may face problems if you have an old or outdated graphic card and driver.

Here we come up with some requirements list for your system to run Bluestacks emulator on Windows 7/8/10

You will able install Bluestacks if below requirements are fulfilled;

  1. Run the Bluestacks as administrator on your pc; you must have administrator acces.
  2. 2GB of RAM.
  3. 4GB disk space available.
  4. The drivers for your PC’s graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks.

It is recommended to install Bluestacks on short path folder like C:/Bluestacks (not ie: C:/Bluestacks/myfavoriteapp/gameemulator/android…) .  Shorter path folder location is better to avoid unnecessary conflict. You may store your game data on to other location than you Bluestacks, If your Bluestack is installed on C:/, you can store your game data on D:/.

Some of our readers say that BlueStacks is incompatible with BitDefender antivirus; so we try to install both on our pc. And it is correct, it won’t run. You should not install them both.

Some of you may experience having enough or maybe high end computer specs but still having issues installing bluestacks. Having message popup saying graphic card or the driver is not supported.

Bluestacks error message

There are three reasons why this problem occurred;

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D, which is used to run windows programs
  2. OpenGL, which is responsible for running Android Apps on PC.
  3. Graphic card driver compatibility with Bluestacks version.

If you’re not updating Windows often, this problem may occur. Here to update your windows, go to Start Menu – Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Updates. Click Check for Updates. It takes seconds to check, if there is update available, click and update it

Get Windows updates

More ways to solve the problem;

Problem solving 1: Get older version of Bluestacks

If you got a not high-end computer specs to install Bluestacks, pick the older version. It doesn’t need high requirement to run. You will be able to install without error.

Some lighter apps will run perfectly since it doesn’t need high graphic performance, but not for some other 3Ds game. You can run well chat apps like BBM or Whatpps, but not Pokemon Go or Clash of Clan; they may not even appear on Google play store on your Bluestacks.

Where can i get older version of bluestacks?  There is no older version available on official Bluestacks website but we still have the link of cdn. You can see the link is from cdn official bluestacks so don’t worry. Here link below


There is one more solution to this

Problem solving 2: Change your Graphic card drivers

One more common error is because an outdated graphic card driver. Official website of bluestacks releases compatibility list of graphic card on the market along with the latest driver. Bluestacks need an updated driver to run, so you may update your driver if they are available. Here the easiest way to scan and detect outdated or missing driver see Easy Way to Download Missing, Outdated Drivers For Windows/Pc/Laptop

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