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Blur Image Background APK Description

Image blur is an app used to blur the unwanted part of your picture very fast.
You can also unblur the image.
You can select the picture to be blurred from the gallery and also take the picture using camera and blur unwanted part of your picture.User also have an option to select the brush size.
User can share the blurred image to social media like Face book and Gmail.Want to give your pic a blur effect? Want to set a blur background to an image? If yes, then blur image background is the ideal blur photo editor to do so.Key features blur image background1.Image picking from Gallery and Camera
Select the image to be blurred from the gallery and give it a blur effect.
The photo clicked using the camera option can also be given, a blur effect, using this blur photo editor.2.
Zoom in and Zoom out for image blur
Zoom in and give the picture to be blurred, a blur effect, with a blur background.3.
Picture Blur intensity adjustment
Adjust the image blur intensity, in order, to give a bigger blur effect, to the picture to be blurred.4.

Brush Size adjustment
Adjust the brush size for pic blurring and giving it a blur background.5.
Undo and reset option
The blur effect can also be reverted, using this blur photo editor.
The blurred pic can also be reset.6 .Attractive UI.
This blur photo editor, which gives a blurred background to your pic, has an attractive GUI.7.
Save and share to all social networks
The blurred pic can be saved to the phone’s gallery using this blur photo editor.
The blurred picture can be shared to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so much more.Blur image background is one of the best blur photo editing apps for pic blurring.
Download this top photo blur app, for free, and blur pics the way you want, and also give it a blur background..


Blur Image Background APK is published by ANDROID PIXELS at Oct 17, 2016. The latest version is 1.11 and work on Android 2.3+. Rated 4/5 by 94212 votes.

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