How to Save Up To 50{c54cedd34e66abc0dc044ca00bd56bf3efcbaa027824eb471f66a7b5475cd9a9} Of Your Android Data Consumption | Control Your Android Apps Data Usage


Do you realize that most apps on your android consuming data without your concern? Many apps running on the background and using your internet traffic as what developer has programmed. It can be synchronizing data between your android with the server, auto updating, downloading transferred pictures etc.

Unfortunately, by default you don’t have what you need to prevent them from doing this activities. Yes, Android has provided data plan option but it is limited and you can’t individually set a plan, analyze or even block entirely any app from using your traffic data.

Here Opera Max will do the job for you. Opera Max is developed to take full control of your internet traffic and save megabytes data on your android. Opera Max allows you to individually set data plan for any app and compress it, so you can save up to 50{c54cedd34e66abc0dc044ca00bd56bf3efcbaa027824eb471f66a7b5475cd9a9} of your data usage.

How does Opera Max work?

Any data from app can be set for particular data plan then will be compressed before redirect its traffic to opera server then passing it to the actual server. Here your non-encrypted data such as; pictures, video, music are packed on the smaller size before it is transferred from/to your android.

Opera Max

While saving your data, Opera Max will provide you information about what the most data hungry app; set its data limit, daily monitoring and tell you what data they have used. Furthermore, Opera Max allows you to block any app entirely from using your data. With this feature you can save your data usage and of course it goes for your money as well.

How do i use Opera Max?

Opera Max – Data Saving App

Platform: Android

Price: Free

It is very easy to use Opera Max, for the basic, simply install the app on your android, start it and begin the data saving. By default all are set and for most users it should work well. You are provided an option to run on notification and app exclusion control to avoid Opera Max from process data saving on your excluded app.

Foreground and background apps data save monitoring and alert

Each data type connection can be managed individually with simple setting On and Off

Mobile and Wi-Fi data usage and saving
Mobile and Wi-Fi data usage and saving

With Opera Max you can take full control of your data traffic for each app and save megabytes of data. While data saver on Chrome works only on browser, Opera Max brings the feature one step further. Now you can save up to 50{c54cedd34e66abc0dc044ca00bd56bf3efcbaa027824eb471f66a7b5475cd9a9} data while video streaming on YouTube and listen your favorite music without worry. With all benefits offered we just can’t resist sharing our thought about this app with you. If you found this app useful, please share it with your friends. Enjoy

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