Bluestack 2 Aggiornare, Streaming il tuo gioco su Facebook dal vivo

Facebook Live on Bluestacks2
Facebook Live on Bluestacks2

A seguito di integrazione video live streaming con Twitch conto pochi mesi fa, ora Bluestack 2 l'aggiunta di Facebook Live to loro emulatore. This feature allows you to stream your apps onto Facebook directly from your PC. Different from Twitch, Facebook Live is able to target specific audience for your video live stream, where Facebook has feature to share your activity to whether public, friends, or specific person.

FaceBook Live integration with BlueStacks TV

There is not much change in display; just like Twitch you can chose different type of layouts while streaming with Facebook Live. Facebook Live window can be easily customized. You can chose only stream your app game or split into two area or more for window chat. Window chat is integrated with your Facebook where you can monitor how many viewers and likes you got while messaging with them.


You will get richer experience in gaming with this interactive feature. Integrated Facebook Live provides support to reach more audiences and messaging with them in real time. It could be a useful tool for your gaming tutorials and review.

però, I found some comments on YouTube from video above, they likely against this integration more over the Bluestacks TV feature itself. Some said Bluestacks TV leads to decreasing frame rate and taking longer for Bluestacks to load. If you got same experience you may visit How to Prevent Bluestacks Tv From Launching Automatically

What your opinion about this integrated Facebook Live with your Bluestacks 2? Please comment below.

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