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If you getunable to loaderror when trying to post to Instagram on Android 6.0 — please, check Instagram’s Storage permission.
Post full size photos on Instagram or WhatsApp (no cropping required)!#SquareDroid is a simple no crop tool that allows you to post full size photos on Instagram or WhatsApp, without any need to crop them.
Dreams come true — #SquareDroid allows you to use Instagram without cropping your full size pictures.Other no crop tools like Instasize and Photo Squarer often decrease photos quality even on hi-end devices, but #SquareDroid lets you to share full size picture on Instagram with high resolution and square size.
You also can choose JPG or PNG format and, in case of JPG — image quality.The app analyzes your photos for Instagram and finds complimentary colors to make borders color match best with your picture.

If your do not like complimentary colors feature you can always turn if off and use white color borders, just like Whitagram app does to produce full size photos.So you’ll have square photo for Instagram and no need to crop pic.All functions as solid color, gradient and blur backgrounds are available for free.
By purchasing #PRO version you will turn off advertising and support future development for the InstaSize competitor.Add hastags #SquareDroid and #SquareAndroid when sharing on Instagram to get more likes and followers!=== === === === ===
What people say about #Square:”As someone who does use Instagram and who posts pictures often (less often than I used to) I find this app to be a valuable tool”, — http://androiddissected.com/The app is touted as being a simple photo editor for Instagram and based on the time we have spent playing, that seems to be just about as accurate description as possible.”, —http://androidcommunity.com/”#SquareDroid is actually a pretty simple app, but it does a wonderful job at what it is supposed to do”, —http://phonearena.com/“We recommend this app as best photo editing tool for Instagram, it’s really time saver for regular Instagram Users.One of the Best No Crop App for Instagram.”, — http://www.theandroidportal.com/
=== === === === ===After you’ve finished with photo editing #SquareDroid will let you send full size photo on Instagram or share it via Twitter, フェイスブック, Vk.com client, Email app, Bluetooth etc.
Yeah, it is for real, no crop and full size for Instagram with the best photo squarer app in Google Play!そう, this app will let you to post full pics on Instagram by adding square frames to them.Key Features:
You can pick photo from Gallery, グーグルドライブ, Dropbox and almost any other app
You can share picture from any app directly to #SquareDroid
Different background options: solid color, gradient and blur
Tune borders size and color, choose from four unique complimentary color or set up your own color
Tune up picture save settings: JPG and PNG formats are available.
Turn off ads by purchasing #PRO version
Choose your colors with beautiful Holo Color Picker
Share created square photo directly on Instagram
Stylish Holo Light ThemeThis photo squarer app was renamed from the old name #Square because of trademark complaining from Square Inc..


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