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Mobizen Screen Recorder APK Description

Now, Let's make a Good First Video!Mobizen, the Best screen recorder chosen by the most famous video creators.
(Over 930,000 videos have been created per day with Mobizen & posted online)
Mobizen lets you Record game, app videos, Edit your videos, and more to make you the best video creator around.

And It’s completely FREE!Screen Recording- Capture your best moves and moments in HD.
■ Include yourself with Facecam.
■ No root required, available for Android 4.2 and higher.
■ Create videos in Full HD (240p ~ 1080p)
■ Flexible settings to suit any device
– Quality: 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps
– Resolution: 240p ~ 1080p
– Frames Per Second: 5fps ~ 60fps※FAQ※
① Why is my recording laggy/not appearing like it should?▶
② The sound is not recorded properly.▶
③ Why is my recording shows just lines or distorted? ▶ Video- Perfect detailing to finalize your creation.
■ Add your own BGM.
■ Keep only the best parts with TRIM.
■ Add intro, outro with your signature (coming soon).
■ Editing options
– BGM, intro-outro, trim, split, extract frame.Share Video- Get your creations out there for the world to see!
■ Share the video on Youtube, GameDuck, Whatsapp, Facebook and more.
■ What is GameDuck? It is a unique gamer’s community to share and get tips on game plays and walkthrough.Community- The best place for Mobizen user to hang!
■ Give us 5 stars to make Mobizen even better.
■ YouTube:
■ Helpdesk:
■ Community: Involved- We are looking for Mobizen users to help us add new languages to our apps!
■ Arabic, French, German, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Romanian, Greek, and more!
■ Apply here: Frequently Asked Questions
■ What is “Booster Mode”?
– Users with device’s OS 4.2 ~ 4.4 must activate Booster Mode to record.
– This is a limitation set by Google’s Android OS by not providing screen recording capabilities.
– Users just need to download the Booster mode program to a PC (any PC) and connect the device via USB cable.
*Download the PC Booster mode
*Learn more:
■ Why is there so much sound in my recording?
– This is a limitation set by Google’s Android OS by not providing internal sound recording capabilities.
– We are working hard to find a solution to this and hopefully it will be here soon!
– Learn more:
■ How long can I record for?
– Mobizen allows recording for up to 2GB.
– Find out how long you can record for on your phone:
– Check recording time:
■ Why is my recording laggy/not appearing like it should?
– This happens when there are too many apps running in the background or recording settings are too high.
– Try setting the quality to 2.5 Mbps, resolution to 480p, FPS to 30fps, and watermark to OFF.
– Learn more: questions and user feedback, visit


Mobizen Screen Recorder APK is published by RSUPPORT Co., Ltd. at May 22, 2016. The latest version is and work on Android 4.2+. Rated 4/5 by 516897 votes.

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