New Lightweight Facebook Messenger Lite Launched for Older Android (Official Release)

Good news for you who still own your old android device, lightweight basic version for Facebook messenger is officially launched today (October 3, 2016). Head of Facebook Messenger division David Marcus announced the release of Messenger Lite on his Facebook wall.

He stated that Messenger Lite is targeted for the most android versions, especially if you still own your old android phone (let’s say 2009 – 2011). It runs even on device that has few resources available, less disk space, memory, lower CPU usage and low bandwidth connection. Messenger Lite is reliable, lightweight, and basic version of messenger for people.

Messenger Lite developed as the follow up from previous Facebook Lite that was released last year. Facebook Lite itself was a success as lightweight version of regular Facebook app. Packed in smaller size and consume much less data. And now they take Facebook Lite one step further for making best messenger and most reliable way to communicate.

For initial launching, Messenger Lite is available in five countries: Malaysia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Tunisia. More countries will follow.


Messenger Lite From Facebook

You probably won’t find it if you search on Google Play store from your country now. However if you insist on installing; first, here i got you the link for Messenger Lite on Google Play Store.


Messenger Lite

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Link above will bring you to Messenger Lite on Play Store even though you may not allowed to install it on your phone yet. However, you should be able to install from other source APK. Here the link from for Messenger Lite

In my opinion, this messenger backward compatibility app was a good idea from Facebook. While other messenger improving their features and left older devices behind, they reach you once again and come up with reliable messenger for all.

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