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İşte 3 easy ways for you to transfer your files across devices on the same Wi-Fi network with no software needed. What you need is just simply built in browser on your device, same network and data connection. Üzülmeyin, some methods mostly use your local connection for transferring your files and your internet data connection only for initial start to visit the web (I’ll add note below). This way you can maximize your file transfer speed since it uses LAN bandwidth instead of your internet data connection.

1. 9c.nu (Web): Share text across devices

Typing with your laptop/pc keyboard is much more efficient than your smartphone’s. Using 9c.nu (web) you will be able to synchronize your typing between your smartphone and laptop via browser. Remember both devices has to be on the same local network, here’s how

  • Open laptop/pc browser and visit 9c.nu then type your text on “Text Below”
  • Open your smartphone (or other devices) browser and then also visit 9c.nu. It is important to turn off any data saver feature (chrome, opera mini) otherwise it won’t work since it will be proxied.
  • Any text you type will be synchronized in real time.



Not: No internet data connection needed, only for initial start when visiting 9c.nu web. Any device on the same network can access or see your text in the same way. Useful for sharing copy-paste text for your office work.

2. SnapDrop (Web): Transfer files across devices

Similar method as 9c.nu, only SnapDrop is for sharing files instead of text. Make sure your devices on the same network, visit SnapDrop with your browser and do the same for your client device(s). Wait for a while, SnapDrop will go offline after caching is done. At this point any transferred files will use your local connection, no internet needed. Just pick device as your target and then select file(s) you want to transfer, it can be multiple files at once. Other device will be prompted to download your ready transferred files.

SnapDrop file sharing
SnapDrop file sharing

Not: No internet data connection needed, only for initial start when visiting snapdrop.com web.

3. Ssavr (Web): Share text and files across devices

Ssavr offers you combined features 9c.nu and SnapDrop added with password protected option and multiple IP linking. Just like 9c.nu, Ssavr can synchronize your text between devices on the same network by visiting Ssavr.com. For sharing files SSavr uses different method from SnapDrop, internet data connection is needed since the file is uploaded to SSavr server. It is kept for 7 days or you can manually delete it. Of course since its free service the file size is limited to 25MB.

Ssavr text sharing

Not: No internet data connection needed, only for initial start when visiting 9c.nu web

Ssavr sharing files
Ssavr file sharing

Not: Internet data connection needed when uploading or downloading file(s).

By using those features you can easily share text and file using you Wi-Fi network with no installation software needed. If you find it useful for your office work, pls share it to your friends

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