WiFi Hacker Prank APK

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WiFi Hacker Prank APK Description

WiFi Hacker application will allow you to find the password of any WiFi network within the range.
This application is just a prank.
It only pretends hacking into secured WiFi networks.
Anyone can use it to trick friends and family.
Your friends gonna think that you can hack into their private wifi network.
You can trick anyone with the help of this app.
Just run this app within the range of their network and select their wireless network name.

Fake password will be displayed.
This will pretend that the secured network has been hacked.
Disclaimer – WiFi Hacker Prank is only a fun app.
It is not a real hacking application.
It is just a breaking simulation; all passwords generated are random..


WiFi Hacker Prank APK is published by luckyzzz at Dec 24, 2015. The latest version is 1.0 and work on Android 2.3+. Rated 4/5 by 457 votes.

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